Breast Lift



49 yo F who underwent bilateral mastopexies via a WISE pattern technique.  A small amount of breast tissue was removed in order to create symmetry and improvement in shape.


41 yo F who underwent bilateral mastopexies as a staged procedure. She was able to have an improved breast shape and symmetry. 


19 yo F who presented with absence of right breast development with a tuberous left breast.  She underwent staged implant right expander placement, implant exchange, and staged left breast augmentation mammoplasty with placement of 495 cc Mentor silicone memory shape anatomic implant on the right and 295 cc on the left.  They were placed via inframmamary fold incisions and under the pec. muscle.


26 yo F who had undergone bilateral breast augmentation and breast lift by a different surgeon.  She wished to undergo breast implant removal with a breast lift which I performed giving her a natural and improved aesthetic of the breast. 


39 yo F who underwent bilateral breast augmentation in the past by another surgeon who after children had developed breast ptosis/droop.  She wanted smaller breasts with a lift.  I performed bilateral implant removal with a lift. The incisions will continue to improve over time. 


41 yo F who underwent bilateral breast augmentation and breast lift with placement of 360 cc Mentor silicone round smooth implant on the left and 405 cc in the right due to breast asymmetry.  They were placed under the pec. muscle.


26 yo F who was unhappy with the degree of asymmetry and size of her breasts.  She underwent bilateral mastopexies with reduction of breast tissue. Her postoperative course was uneventful.  


26 yo F who underwent bilateral breast augmentation and breast lift with placement of 350 cc Mentor silicone round smooth moderate plus profile implants.  They were placed via inframmamary fold imncisions and under the pec. muscle.


40 yo F who wished to undergo a bilateral breast lift with a slight reduction in order to improve breast shape and symmetry.  I performed bilateral breast lifts with a reduction, she healed uneventfully.


36 yo F who underwent bilateral breast augmentation with a breast lift with placement of 245 cc Mentor silicone memory shape anatomic implants.  They were placed via inframammary fold incisions and under the pec. muscle.


59 yo F who wished to have improved shape and symmetry of her breasts with a slight reduction.  She underwent a  bilateral breast lift and has healed beautifully.

Breast Lift


-  A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, reshapes the breast and lifts the nipple 

position by removing excess skin and sometimes removing excess breast tissue resulting in a beautiful and natural shape.

-  While a breast lift alone will result in an improvement in the shape, enhancing

both self-confidence and self-image, there are limitations.  Placing an implant at the same time or as a separate procedure may be required when increased volume and upper fullness of the breast is desired.


-  The ideal candidates for this surgery

are patients who are physically healthy, who do not smoke,who are bothered by the feeling that their breasts sag or have lost shape

and volume, have enlarged nipples and areolas that point downward with stretched skin, and have

one breast is lower than the other.

-  Depending on the degree of ptosis or breast droop, various techniques of reducing the skin are available including a circumareolar, circumvertical, and Wise (inverted T) pattern approaches.  Refer to the diagram on the left that demonstrates each type.

-  Return to regular activities ranges between 4 to 6 weeks.

-  Most patients take 1 to 2 weeks off of work.

-  Drains may be used and if so are typically removed the following day after surgery.