The Art and Beauty of Plastic Surgery

I believe that plastic surgery is the ultimate form of expression of art, the balance between human anatomy, proportion and shape.  I feel so fortunate to have trained in such a fascinating, challenging and rewarding career.  As you can see in my CV, the journey to get here has been quite an extensive one, laying the foundation for the ability to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to all of my patients.

My goal is to restore, enhance and define your natural beauty, whether it is through reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.  I strive to provide an informative and comprehensive plan, tailoring to your needs and desires.  Our discussion involves the analysis of your unique anatomy and the options that are available so that you can achieve the most optimal results possible.  Plastic surgery is a highly personal decision, as such I want you to feel confident with your decision, knowing that your safety, health and comfort are of utmost importance.  


I look forward to the possibility of meeting you and hope to help and guide you through your journey!